We fix medical billing problems for you.


We have been reviewing and correcting medical bill for doctors for more than fifteen years. Many times we are asked, "Why not provide the same service, but for the patients?" So we launched NMBRS two years ago to service patients with billing problems and questions. NMBRS is next-level patient assistance. Out staff has years of experience with medical billing and coding. We remove the burden and confusion of medical bills and put in the time and research needed to correct and understand your bill.​

We are your advocate with medical providers and insurance companies to make sure your medical bills are accurate. If we find mistakes on your bill, we will contact the providers and get you a refund, get your balance reduced, or even get your bill completely wiped clean.

Remember, your medical provider bills your insurance as a courtesy and in most situations, they are not required to do so. Because of this, the provider bills the insurance for the highest amount possible. The insurance then pays as little as possible. This passes on all additional expenses to you. We're her to help ensure that the billing process is correct so that you aren't held responsible for any unnecessary costs.

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  • Don't let yourself be a victim of hospitals and doctors overcharging you.
  • If we don't save you money, YOU DON'T PAY!
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80% of medical bills have errors 

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